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Short term loans from Smartloan

If you find yourself short of cash for any reason and feel sure you can cover the cost of your current cash needs over the next six months to two years then a smartloan is for you.

A smartloan is an unsecured personal loan designed to be affordable for you. A smartloan is not a payday loan it is an installment loan that gives you the money you need without the risk of falling into the payday loan trap.

Similar to a payday loan, wage day advance or payday advance loan, a smartloan is a short term loan giving you the cash you need quickly. However, unlike some other short term loans we base our approach on affordability and our loans can be tailored to your needs, making them a more suitable option for you.

No fees at all

With a Smartloan you only pay the loan interest for each day you borrow. We have no upfront fees or charges and we don't charge early payment, late payment or default fees.

No Guarantor needed

A smartloan is an unsecured personal loan with eligibility criteria based on your own personal circumstances. You do not need to find someone to support your loan application.

Cheaper than a payday loan

A smartloan of £500 to £2,000 borrowed over 6 months will cost you less than a payday loan, when borrowing the same amount over 30 days.

Full transparency

You can use our loan calculator to see get a full loan breakdown before you apply. You can also select the repayment amount you can afford to pay on a regular basis, keeping you within your means.

Applying for a short term loan from Smartloan

Applying for a smartloan is easy. Use our loan calculator at the top of this page to create your smartloan. Once you have selected the regular repayment amount you can afford click Apply and fill in our simple online loan application form. If you’re looking for a weekly repayment loan then you can use our weekly loan calculator.

We are a responsible lender. We will only lend to you if our loan is suitable for you. To help you fully understand your financial situation before you apply, please use our Smart Budget. This tool will help you accurately assess your income and expenditure and give you an idea of what payments you can afford.

*A smartloan is available to anyone receiving an income of £1000 or more each month after tax, which includes long-term and disability benefits, and pensions. For a list of sources of income we will accept please click here.

You are eligible for a smartloan if:

you are 18 years old or over

you receive an income* of £1000 or more a month

your income is paid directly into your bank account

you have a debit card for that account

Your Feedback

96% said a smartloan is more affordable for them than other loan products

100% of existing customers would recommend a smartloan

Customer satisfaction data from August 2013
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